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Neck Exercises Blog, A Guide to a Better Neck Posture

Hello and welcome to Neck Exercises. I am glad you want to take care of your neck. Whether you have neck pain, tension, stress or discomfort, neck exercises can help. Making small adjustments each day to include neck exercises, stretch exercises, or a neck workout, will gradually improve your neck health and quality of life. Let's get started!

Neck Exercises: Front Arm Circles

 Ever feel the front of your chest and shoulders need loosening up? How about trying some neck exercises by doing arm circles? These arm circles neck exercises are focusing on the movement in the front of your chest. Think of arm circles as propellers of the airplane engines. These arm circle neck exercises movements will help loosen the shoulder and chest muscles.

When the shoulder and chest muscles are flexible, they are able to maintain good posture, mobility and good breathing mechanics. These front arm circles neck exercises are simple to do and great when waking up. The shoulder muscles that being focused are the rotator cuff muscles: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis. These shoulder muscles hold the shoulder in place.

The chest muscles that are being focused on are the pectoralis minor and major. These chest muscles attach to the shoulder and upper arm. By maintaining flexibility in the chest, you are able to maintain proper posture. The front arm circles neck exercises help to keep the chest flexible near the shoulder area. 

The front arm circles neck exercises can be done sitting or standing. I’ll describe them in standing. Give yourself plenty of room so you don’t hit anything or anyone! You’ll need your arm length for space on each side. Let’s get started!

Standing Position:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Knees slightly bent
  • Your pelvis tucked in
  • Be upright with your chest towards the wall in front
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together
  • Do a chin tuck by bringing your chin towards the back of your shoulders
  • Look straight ahead

Front Arm Circles Neck Exercises:

  • Breathe in
  • Keep your arms straight
  • Starting from your left side – raise your left arm 
  • Lead with your thumb and your palm facing away from you
  • Make a clock circle with your left arm
  • Breathe out
  • Breathe in
  • Start with your right arm at the side
  • Raise your right arm up
  • Lead with your right thumb and your palm facing away from you
  • Make a counter clock circle with your right arm
  • Breathe out
  • Count to 10 with each circle
  • Repeat 10 times on each side

There should be no pain with these arm movements. These front arm circle neck exercises should be done in a slow, smooth and controlled motion. You should feel looser in the arms, neck and shoulders after these neck exercises. You should feel less shoulder and neck tension. Other arm circles will be described at a later time.

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