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Neck Exercises Blog, A Guide to a Better Neck Posture

Hello and welcome to Neck Exercises. I am glad you want to take care of your neck. Whether you have neck pain, tension, stress or discomfort, neck exercises can help. Making small adjustments each day to include neck exercises, stretch exercises, or a neck workout, will gradually improve your neck health and quality of life. Let's get started!

Neck Exercises: Head Nods with Stretch 

Want to be able to keep your shoulders from going forward and working on your neck muscles at the same time? How about doing some neck exercises that help with your neck and chest at the same time? Head nods with a chest stretch neck exercises will be able to loosen your neck muscles and open up your chest muscles. These neck exercises are good to help with your posture and improve your breathing. 

Opening up your chest by bringing your shoulders back will help you be able to breathe better. When you are leaning forward with your head and rounded shoulders, your diaphragm does not expand as much as it can. The chest muscles in these neck exercises that are being stretched out are the pectoralis minor and major. 

The head nods of the neck exercises work on strengthening the front neck muscles and stretching out the back neck muscles. By working both the front and back of your neck, you can improve your neck posture. These head nods neck exercises will also help relieve neck tension. 

These head nods and chest stretch neck exercises can be done sitting or standing. These head nods neck exercises can also be done on the big stability balls or swiss balls for an added challenge. I’ll describe these head nods and chest stretch neck exercises in a sitting position. These neck exercises won’t work with regular chairs with backs or arm rests. You can try these head nods with chest neck exercises on a bed or a bench. Let’s begin!

Sitting Position:

  • Feet flat on the floor
  • Sit up tall 
  • Bring your chest up and out towards the wall across from you
  • Relax your shoulders 
  • Perform a chin tuck by bringing your chin back towards your shoulder blades
  • Have your eyes looking straight ahead
  • Your jaw should be relaxed

Head Nods and Chest Stretch Neck Exercises:

  • Breathe in
  • Bring your hands behind your back
  • Put your palms together and intertwine your fingers together 
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together
  • Breathe out

Head Nod to the Right

  • Breathe in
  • Turn your head to the right
  • Raise your head up and lower you head down
  • Repeat 10 times
  • Release your hands
  • Breathe out

Head Nod in Neutral

  • Breathe in
  • Put your hands together like before
  • Turn your head back to the middle
  • Do 10 head nods
  • Relax your hands
  • Breathe out

Head Nod to the Left

  • Breathe in
  • Clasp your hands together
  • Turn your head to your left shoulder
  • Do 10 head nods
  • Relax your hands and shoulders

These head nods and chest stretch neck exercises should be pain free. Do these head nods slow, controlled and smooth motions. You may feel a stretching feeling in the front of your chest. You also want to make sure you are not leaning forward otherwise you will lose the stretch in the chest muscles. Be sure that you keep your mouth closed during these head nods otherwise you will lose the effect of the stretching of the neck muscles. After these head nods neck exercises are done you should feel less neck tension and neck your posture should be better. Other neck exercises will be described at a later time.

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