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Neck Exercises Blog, A Guide to a Better Neck Posture

Hello and welcome to Neck Exercises. I am glad you want to take care of your neck. Whether you have neck pain, tension, stress or discomfort, neck exercises can help. Making small adjustments each day to include neck exercises, stretch exercises, or a neck workout, will gradually improve your neck health and quality of life. Let's get started!

Tai Chi Neck Stretches

Here’s a good video about doing neck stretches when doing Tai Chi:

I like the pace of these stretches – slow, smooth and controlled, just how any neck exercises and stretches should be done.

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  • Dr. Visentin, D.C.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

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    In the United Kingdom, Prince Charles himself has encouraged the

    government to fund alternative health care. In 2000, the Reflexology

    Forum and World Reflexology Week (WRW) were launched.

  • neck pain Bethlehem

    If this is the case, aspirin should only be taken for back pain under

    the direct guidance of a doctor. Exercise – Exercise DVDs are still a

    good approach for those over 35. However, if you suffer from

    osteoporosis, then careful consideration should be used when picking an

    exercise video. If the bones are soft, then you should take care

    performing any exercises and should consult a qualified doctor or

    physical therapist first.

  • Anderson


    Exercise is the best and easier way for the weight loss.So we  should be take care

    of the body fitness.Because health is wealth…..

  • Chicago personal trainer

    I think aerobic exercise is not like we avoid such those things which
    is much necessary, should create plan and then decide what to do,
    these type incidents were appear with the passage of time.

  • Emman Sioco

    Thanks for sharing this video link. I check it out and it looks perfect for neck pain.

  • Usama Ghafoor

    Aerobic exercise is good for neck exercise and this is one the good ways to do exercise..

    Des Moines Fitness