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Neck Exercises Blog, A Guide to a Better Neck Posture

Hello and welcome to Neck Exercises. I am glad you want to take care of your neck. Whether you have neck pain, tension, stress or discomfort, neck exercises can help. Making small adjustments each day to include neck exercises, stretch exercises, or a neck workout, will gradually improve your neck health and quality of life. Let's get started!

Neck Exercises: Simple Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder rolls are great neck exercises to help reduce neck tension. The shoulder roll helps to loosen the shoulder joints and the surrounding muscles. The shoulder (glenohumeral) joint is a ball and socket joint which gives the shoulder the ability to move in many directions. The shoulder joint is maintained by the capsule, ligaments and muscles and all of them need to be stretched to be healthy. There are various shoulder rolls exercises with and without resistance or weights. The shoulder rolls described will be the basic neck exercises to be performed while sitting. 

Start with good posture by sitting up straight, chin tuck, looking straight ahead and the arms by your side with your palms towards your body. Take a deep breath in. Exhale while bringing your shoulders up to your ears. Take another deep breath in. Breathe out when rolling your shoulders forward. Breathe in and exhale to roll your shoulders down. One last breath in and slowly breathe out while rolling the shoulders to the back. Perform this neck exercise 10 times. Reverse the direction and repeat another 10 times.

Variations to these neck exercises with the shoulder rolls are to start big and repeat with small shoulder rolls. Eventually, you would like to take one breath in and a slow breath out while rolling in the shoulder in all directions. An advance shoulder roll is to roll both shoulders in different directions. Another variation is the shoulder clock. There should be no pain in any directions. These neck exercises should help to relieve stress in the neck and keep the shoulder flexible.  

This neck exercise with the chin tuck is a good neck workout and best done on a daily basis. These neck exercises are great to do while taking a break from the computer or driving. They can be done easily and anywhere. This neck exercise is also done with dancing. Did this neck exercise help?



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