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Neck Exercises Blog, A Guide to a Better Neck Posture

Hello and welcome to Neck Exercises. I am glad you want to take care of your neck. Whether you have neck pain, tension, stress or discomfort, neck exercises can help. Making small adjustments each day to include neck exercises, stretch exercises, or a neck workout, will gradually improve your neck health and quality of life. Let's get started!

Announcement: Welcome to Neck Exercises Blog

NeckThe neck exercises blog will offer guidance to people who have neck discomfort and looking for neck pain relief. This will be done by providing neck exercise education in various forms of media from pictures, videos, resources from books, eBooks and DVDs. The information given here in neck exercises blog is guidance and not a substitute for actual medical attention.

These days people may feel discomfort in the neck from a variety of everyday stresses via work, family, or other outside influences. Have you ever found yourself at the end of the day with tension in your neck and shoulders? Most people may not realize that constant tension in the neck and shoulders will lead to other discomforts such as headaches. By giving simple neck exercises that can be done throughout the day can help reduce stress and provide temporary relief.

Discomfort, tension, or stress to the neck can be gradual or sudden and by doing a variety of body stretch exercises will eventually provide an improvement in the neck. These exercises for neck and other areas are meant to be done on a regular basis for the most benefit in reducing neck related discomfort. The neck workout can be done anywhere and anytime.

Written and visual demonstrations will be provided for neck exercises and stretch exercises. There are eBooks and video products to help with these exercises as well as for more information about the neck. Neck exercises here will provide general information about the neck as well as head, shoulders, chest and midback areas. Neck exercises blog will also address posture, body mechanics, self-techniques to help reduce discomfort, headaches, and basic information on the effects of teeth clenching can affect neck pain. The neck exercises blog wants everyone to benefit from the neck exercise information as well as be able to incorporate the stretch exercises as a daily routine.

Neck Exercises Guidelines

All neck exercises and neck stretches given on the neck exercises blog are given as a reference and not to replace actual medical treatment for any neck conditions. Neck exercises are to be done pain free, smooth and slow controlled motions at all times. Neck stretches are done to a count of 30 seconds hold and three repetitions. Neck exercises are usually done in repetitions of 10. All neck exercises can be done with breaks when neck muscles begin to feel fatigue. Neck exercises and neck stretches should not increase any neck pain at all. For best results, neck exercises and neck stretches should be done on a daily basis for multiple times throughout the day.

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Neck Exercises for a Pinched Nerve

Kenzo neckHave you ever woken up with your head tilted to one side and then try straightening your neck back up? Did you find that your neck felt stiff and possibly have some pain? If you have felt pain going to the side which your head was bent towards, you may have experienced a pinched nerve. This temporary feeling can subside with some gentle range of motion neck exercises. You’ll want to be sure that the sharp pain in your neck does not go down your arm.

Some of the neck exercises that you can do are listed and described in these posts:
Alphabet Neck Exercises
Figure 8 Neck Exercises
Head Wobble Up Neck Exercises
Head Tilt Neck Exercises
Sitting Head Rotation Neck Exercises

The head tilt neck exercises are good to relieve the compression off of the pinched nerve. You’ll want to be gentle so that you can take off the pressure and allow the cervical spine to open up to allow the nerve to be relieved. This is a good starting point as well as to put some heat on the same side to loosen the neck muscles.

When your head is tilted to one side for long periods of time such as sleeping, you temporary put pressure on the neck spinal nerve. This nerve compression usually resolves with minimal damage. But when you have a pinched nerve and you experience pain for more than a few days without improvement in your neck range of motion you’ll want to be sure to be checked out by a professional. In the meantime, you’ll want to be sure you avoid aggressive neck exercises or movements in general to avoid causing more pain.

One treatment that can help a pinched nerve is cervical traction. This can be done sitting or lying down. A trained physical therapist can provide relieve with this manually and being able to increase your neck range of motion as well as decrease the pain. When successful treatments are done manually and the symptoms persist, mechanical traction is another option that is provided in physical therapy. This treatment is effective to relieve the pressure of the nerve and should be followed up with neck exercises.

The mechanical traction may not always be covered with your health insurance and you’ll want to be sure before this treatment covered before it is provided to you. Many insurance companies will pay but you’ll want to make sure when you have an appointment.

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Which Laptop Backpack Should You Choose?

A laptop computer has changed into a important asset for mobile computing. It’s a useful investment and is subject to injury although carrying it. So, it is vital that the carrying bag protects the laptop PC from injury and also from burglary. You can find several kinds of bags available to provide housing for the portables ; every single built to serve some precise wants. Generally speaking, we will categorize them in three types : briefcases, slim portfolios, and backpacks. One of them, the backpack laptop bags are designed to hold the most materials.

Laptop backpacks are especially favored by the students and by those who desire efficiency. They’re convenient as the hands remain free of charge and the pounds is evenly distributed on your higher back. Students like them simply because they will be able to set plenty of other substance such as books too ; for the kids it’s yet another backpack except that this one holds a laptop computer too.

Generally speaking, there are 4 kinds of laptop backpacks designs : commuter, IT professional, business, and airport. They all can hold at least one laptop computer and the chargeable battery pack cable. Each of these designs serves a distinct purpose. The commuter type backpacks have the maximum capacity ; they have got a special sleeve fitted with protection straps to offer optimum safety to the portable computer from injury.

The additional space for storing in these backpacks laptop bags may be exploited for lunch-box, publications, along with other items. There is also a few pockets for laptop components, ipod, purse, for example. Since plenty of weight will be transported in this sort of backpacks, they regularly have additional back and waist straps. As a result, the fat is far more evenly spread on the system and the duty on the neck as well as the shoulders is decreased.

The Computer Specialist backpacks are generally made from vinyl, have a swish look, and are meant to supply convenience to computer lovers. They typically have satisfactory room just for the laptop, its accessories, and potentially a book. They are meticulously designed to match the wishes and image of IT professionals. Needless to say, they’re smaller than the commuter backpacks.

For recurrent travelers, you’ll find backpacks designed specially to serve their objective. Their biggest trouble is to get rid of the portable computer for security checks and, of course set it back too. These backpacks are built to allow the x-ray devices to scan the things within them. A lot of companies give you a full refund if you need to get the laptop computer for security examination.

The corporation backpack laptop bags mix the features of the IT professional and the commuter backpacks and are favoured by the business class. Often, these kinds of backpack are made from leather and the shoulder pads are cushioned for convenience.

Portables are tricky to replace, but the laptop backpacks can be. Therefore by no means compromise the security of your portable computer by getting a minimal-grade backpack a badly developed backpack may also cause shoulder and neck discomfort. Usually check the replacement guarantees and the amount of time of the guaranty before really purchasing a laptop backpack.

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Here’s a good article about laptop backpacks to choose from. Save your neck and your back with the right bag.

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Tai Chi Neck Stretches

Here’s a good video about doing neck stretches when doing Tai Chi:

I like the pace of these stretches – slow, smooth and controlled, just how any neck exercises and stretches should be done.

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Shiatsu Relieves Headaches Video

Here’s a video that helps relieve headaches.

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Tips to Relax Yourself

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Bent Over Trap Exercise

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Computer Posture

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Treat Neck Pain Early

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Towel Wrap Neck Workout

Tonight after washing up, I wrapped a bath towel around my hair and put it up on top of my head. My 1 year old son thought it looked funny on me and started to pull on the mummy towel wrap on my head. This began a game of dodge the little hands at the towel while moving my head and neck. This made me do some exercises for neck and giving me a neck workout at the end of the whole ordeal.

If you are a woman know what I’m talking about as far as the head towel wrap on the top of your head, then you would know that it adds extra weight to your head. This added weight on the top of your head will give you a good neck workout by strengthening your neck muscles. This also makes you go slow to control the towel from unraveling and dropping it onto the floor. Going slow will let your muscle gain control and build neck muscle strength.

I did the head movements back and forth and side to side with the towel as a gentle neck workout. You can actually do a bunch of different neck exercises with the towel wrap on top of your head. For example, leave the towel wrap on your head while brushing your teeth and do a chin tuck when you are over the sink. You may feel a bit more resistance in the back of your neck when doing this neck exercise. This would be a good neck workout in the morning or evening after taking a shower or bath.
See if you can do a face or head clock with the towel on your head or even try some upper trapezius stretch exercises as part of your now towel wrap neck workout. Get creative and see what you can do with this added resistance as a morning or evening neck workout. You can maintain neck flexibility along with the neck strengthening.

As always, there should be no pain with any neck exercises or sudden movements. I don’t recommend whipping your head around to make you dizzy as a neck workout. Have fun and let me know about your new routine with the towel wrap.

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